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The Rollover Flexi


Rollover Flexi is the new, flexible addition to the Rollover Range. Comprising all the essential qualities of the existing line of Classic Flatbed Applicators, this unit also offers quick dismantling to facilitate entering of premises having difficult access.

The Rollover Flexi represents our well known high level of quality, craftsmanship and durability.

Having no overhead gantry above the roller, the access to media and substrates while working is superior.

Key Features
Inward facing and protected activation switch - simplifies
and safeguards the applications
Ergonomic handle enable one-hand roller operation for
better efficiency
Rounded housing - no sharp edges    ✔
Free view roller - no block tower or gantry    ✔
Uuobstructed access to the roller, media and the work
Brackets/spindles for handling of media rolls and application
tape from both ends and roller housings
Extended gap between roller and roller housings    ✔
Self healing cutting matt    ✔
illuminated glass bed (LED)
Integrated air pressure gauge    ✔
Tool pockets on each housing    ✔
Separate outlet for air gun connection    ✔

Rollover Accesories

Key Data
Max. thickness of sign substrate 65mm
Work height glass bed 900mm
Power supply 230V / 50Hz - 120V /60Hz/24V`
Optional features
Support for Keen Cut EVO 2    ✔
Antistatic equipment    ✔
Vinyl Remover Bracket    ✔
Model size in mm Glass bed working area Working Area of roller in mm Apron Weight in KG illumation,LED
1550 3360 1550 x 3360 1550 x 3060 510 170W

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